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Posted at June 20, 2013

(Română) Simpozionul international “Modern Power Systems” 17-20 mai 2011

Posted at May 06, 2011

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Contracting the distribution Service



Subsidiary Contact Person Tel. Fax E-mail
Distribution Service Billing
Cluj Contracting 0264-205933 0264-205704 paul.muresan@tnd.electrica.ro
Oradea Contracting 0259-405932 0259-405704 calin.ciornei@tnd.electrica.ro
Billing 0259-405933
Baia Mare Contracting 0262-205931 0262-205704 daniel.cuciureanu@tnd.electrica.ro
Satu Mare Contracting 0261-805807 0261-805704 attila.keszeg@tnd.electrica.ro
Billing 0261-805931 ildiko.smit@tnd.electrica.ro
Bistrita Contracting 0263-205930 0263-205704 constantin.sava@tnd.electrica.ro
Billing 0263-205334 valer.alexa@tnd.electrica.ro
Zalau Contracting 0260-205932 0260-205704 pernes_ana@sjelectrica.ro
Billing 0260-205931 onutan_ovidiu@sjelectrica.ro
FDEE Electrica Distributie Transilvania Nord Contracting 0264-205352 0264-205234 mirela.h@tnd.electrica.ro
Billing 0264-205351 vera.petcu@tnd.electrica.ro

Time limits

The distribution contract (DO offer) shall be sent within 15 days from the registration of the application form (together with the rest of the requested documents), as stipulated in the Performance Standard of the Distribution Operator, section 2, art. 25.(http://www.anre.ro/ordin.php?id=625).

Licensed participants to the wholesale electricity market cannot change their CN Transelectrica accepted status regarding the Ballancing Responsibility for the network connection points, earlier than 15 days from the submission of the necessary information and later than the first day of a month. (http://www.anre.ro/ordin.php?id=68)

Consequently, any distribution contract that comes into effect on the first day of the following month shall be concluded by the 15th of the current month.

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